INTERART MEDIA FOUNDATION dba PASEO WYNWOOD’s mission is to create an innovative space where every art form can be appreciated with the goal to provide professional performances for all audiences in Miami Dade and to create educational outreach programs for children and seniors alike.


What we do:

PASEO WYNWOOD’s mission is to create an innovative space where every art form can be appreciated. Including performances, paintings, music, poetry, dance and culinary. Each production is specifically designed to attract the young, as well as the older demographic, and submerge them into the cultural experience that we proudly provide. On the property, we have 4 unique spaces to be able to indulge in the works that we display. First, we have an intimate 60 seats theater named THE BLACK BOX. Second, we have 8 shipping CONTAINERS which have been cleverly converted into mini theaters where 15-minute plays are performed, to attract audience seeking an incredibly singular experience, where the proximity between the actors and the audience is powerfully intimate. The ART GALLERY where we display some of the best local, as well as foreign artists. Finally, we have an open PATIO where culinary offer from the community gather to heighten the overall cultural journey.
PASEO WYNWOOD brings high quality affordable entertainment. Paseo is truly a “FEAST of the ARTS”. The Black Box stages the most critically acclaimed Latin American plays, performed by local artists. More than 32 different plays were performed solely in the past year. In addition, 76 plays were performed in the containers, with roughly 7.800 performances throughout the year (9 seasons). Furthermore, PASEO is wholeheartedly committed to developing exceptional theater in Spanish for our children, with the Celebration of Hans Christian Andersen stories, plays such as the Ugly Duckling, The Emperor’s New Clothes, and Little Mermaid have all been produced with an average of 30 performances per title and more than 3,600 tickets sold. This program has also served as a bridge to join forces with progressive local organization such as “Star Kids Project”, which allows children that are in custody of the local authorities to enjoy theater free of charge. Paseo also plays an active role in activities for the community, with festive complimentary programming, like Dancing for Pets, Venezuela Weekend Fest, Monologues on Heels, and the celebration of National Holidays of the different countries represented in our neighborhood. Moreover, we have connected with the City of Hialeah to bring the elderly to the theater for exclusive performances solely catered to them. Paseo is dedicated to serving the Hispanic community regardless of the country of origin, to its core, believes in the arts as a universal language for everyone.